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The Snatch Menagerie

Brad’s long-form improv team, The Snatch Menagerie, is taking NYC by storm! They host a monthly show at The Triple Crown every SECOND Wednesday of the month at 8PM. The next show is on 9/9/15…and it’s free!

Here’s a link to their Facebook page…new photos were just added. ‘Like’ us to stay up to date on all things Snatch.

The Snatch Menagerie Facebook Page

Beaver out!



Brad is thrilled to collaborate with YouTube sensation Rachel Griffin on her new musical, WE HAVE APPLES.

Performance details coming soon, but so far in the workshopping process Brad has rapped, been the romantic love interest, and played a character who is trans. Who will Brad play once the dust settles? You’ll have to come see the show to find out!

Welcome Back Snatch

Not only is 2015 about beginnings, it’s also about the Snatch. The Snatch Menagerie, that is!

The Snatch Menagerie is Brad’s long-form improv team, founded via The Upright Citizens Brigade. Upcoming appearances will be at The Triple Crown, Queens Secret Improv, Uptown Improv, and Indie Indie Cage Match. 

Check back for details, or visit newyork.improvteams.com

Sometimes insightful, always inappropriate: The Snatch Menagerie. 

Broadway by the Year- 1990-2014

If you haven’t had an opportunity to attend one of the concerts in the “Broadway by the Year” series at Town Hall, NYC, this is your final chance for 2014! Brad will be performing, and (without giving anything away) this show is not to be missed. The featured musicals will be from the years 1990-2014. For tickets, visit: thetownhall.org

See you there!

Broadway by the Year

Come out to support Brad as he sings TONIGHT (5/12) at Town Hall, NYC, in BROADWAY BY THE YEAR, the Musicals of 1965-1989. Beautiful works with beautiful performers. Stop by!

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